What is PUBLO ..?

PUBLO MagazineKiosk is a light weight HTML5 newsstand system for iOS devices.

Build your tablet magazines using HTML, CSS & Javascript, and deploy your newsstand on your own webspace. No approval of your content, and all proceeds of your newsstand are yours to keep!

Right now, PUBLO targets the Apple iPad only, but support for more devices and screen sizes is in the works.

Buy now or try PUBLO Light for free.

Key features

PUBLO is independent:

PUBLO is a web app. It uses HTML, CSS & Javascript for the newsstand as well as for its magazines. You can access the app simply by navigating to it in the Safari browser on your iPad and install it by using the "Add to Homescreen" function. You don't have to pay large sums upfront for standard publishing software or content distribution channels.

PUBLO is approved:

Your content doesn't have to be approved by anyone but yourself. There are no restrictions to respect and there is no waiting for approval each and every time the app is updated.

PUBLO is smart:

PUBLO is designed as a self-contained newsstand. That means the magazines are not "hard-coded" into the app. Magazines for PUBLO are created as single HTML files per page put into a directory following a fixed pattern. To add magazines to the newsstand, just edit a configuration file and upload the directory to your webserver. PUBLO takes care of the rest.

PUBLO is adaptive:

PUBLO responds to orientation changes of the iPad. Apart from providing alternative views for the newsstand itself it respects any adaptive layout implemented in the magazine pages. As in our demo magazine which is based on the adaptive CSS grid system that comes with PUBLO.

PUBLO is interactive:

PUBLO comes with a couple of built-in interactive widgets. The swipe-gallery, the video-overlay or the gallery-overlay can be called from inside the pages with only a few lines of Javascript code. And more widgets are to come in the future.

PUBLO is offline-capable:

PUBLO provides the option to save one magazine at a time for offline reading. Hitting the download button next to the magazine cover will download the entire magazine into the HTML-offline-cache. When offline, you will be able to fully access the downloaded magazine.