Why should I publish my content with PUBLO?

If you're anything like us, you don't want your content approved by anyone, and are not willing or able to pay large sums upfront for standard publishing software or content distribution channels.

Do I need to have coding experience?

You will need to know some HTML, CSS and, depending on what you want to do on your magazine pages, some Javascript and .PHP.

Where will my newsstand be hosted?

We do not provide hosting for your newsstand(s). You will need a webspace to host PUBLO newsstands and your magazines. For technical requirements see FAQ Technical further down on this page.

What about galleries, animations, or movie clips: Can I put stuff like that in my magazines?

You sure can. Most of the stuff possible in HTML also works in your magazines.

I realize PUBLO is a web app: What about downloading magazines to my iPad?

It is possible to cache content on your iPad for offline use. However, we've limited this to only one magazine at a time for now. Also, please see "Common Issues", some combinations of older iOS versions and older iPads do not allow for caching magazines.

Speaking of the iPad: Can I also use PUBLO to target other devices?

Right now PUBLO only targets the Apple iPad. Support for additional devices and screen sizes is in the works.

How can I monetize using PUBLO?

Since PUBLO is web based, we don't force you in stores that are usually used to sell magazines for mobile devices. Meaning: the way you make money with your publications is entirely up to you (it also means that you don't have to share your proceeds with anyone, yohoo!). Payment processing related scripts from service providers like PayPal can be attached to PUBLOs payment gateway interface. An example can be found on our goodies page.

What is your refund policy?

We have a No Refund Policy. All sales are final. We do this because we offer free functional versions of PUBLO (PUBLO Light) that you can download and try before you buy. This trial version allows you to test PUBLO before you decide to make a purchase.


What are the technical requirements client-side?

PUBLO newsstands targets the Apple iPad (support for more devices is in the works ...). A internet connection is required to access the newsstands/magazines (For now, only one magazine can be cached on the device)

What are the technical requirements server-side?

You need a web server or web host to operate PUBLO newsstands. In general, most Linux / Apache / PHP 5 type of servers can host PUBLO newsstands. If you plan on selling your magazines, you will also need a MySQL database and access to a payment service provider like Paypal.

Do you offer tutorials and documentation for PUBLO?

A setup manual for PUBLO is included in the download package. We do not offer tutorials yet, but might in the future.

Customer Service ..? Support ..?

After activating your account with us you're eligible for support via email to the extent included in your license..

I'm using your PayPal example setup, and after setting up my first newsstand, PayPal redirects to the wrong return adress. I'm sure I didn't forget anything during setup. What's up with that?

Depending on your web space provider, your PHP session save path needs to be adressed in parts of PUBLOs built-in user management. Please ask your provider for the session save path you need to use, and refer to PUBLOs setup manual for further information.

When I try to cache a magazine for offline use, I only get an alert "Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later." What can I do?

Please make sure that ALL filenames in /Magazines are PHP conform. A single one with e.g. a blank in the filename will break PUBLOs cache manifest.

When I try to cache a magazine, I get asked if I would like to increase local storage on my iPad. What's up with that?

Depending on the content of your magazine, local storage needs to be increased for caching. On a side note: it is good practice to remove all unnecessary files (e.g. an image that you didn't end up using after all) from your magazine before deploying, since all files in /Magazines will be cached.

Is there any communication between my server and publokiosk.com?

Yes. Whenever one of your readers opens your newsstand for the first time, your server will contact us for a quick license check. Data transfer is minimal, and no data of your reader will be collected by us.


You guys don't get it, but I have a couple of great ideas on what to do with a system like PUBLO. What should I do?

Really? Please contact us.

This is cool and all, but I prefer to cut in large corporations for the distribution of my stuff. Is PUBLO the right choice for me?


Common issues

Splash screen

On systems older than iOS 5 the splash screen does not show up on first run.

Offline-caching on older systems

On systems older than iOS 5 magazine offline-caching does not always work. For maximum performance we recommend that you update your iOS to version 5. If you found a bug not listed here, please let us know.