"We like publishing on the iPad. But having to pay piles of money upfront for building iPad optimized magazines using standard layout software or distribution channels, or having our content approved by someone we don't even know ..? Not so much."

PUBLO MagazineKiosk is proudly made by 10W40 Höfert Propach Partner, a long time collaboration between Sven Höfert and Marc Propach. We have a combined 30+ years experience in graphic and editorial design. Please visit us here.

Sven Höfert
Founder 10W40 Höfert Propach Partner

Sven has 15+ years experience in graphic design, with a strong focus on editorial design. Lately he started playing around with HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a newsstand as a web app for the Apple iPad. Sven has a knack for classic Mopars, his collection includes a 1968 Chrysler 300 and a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. He lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Marc Propach
Founder 10W40 Höfert Propach Partner

Marc has also been in the business for more than 15 years, mostly cranking out one B2B magazine after another. His interests include illustration, classic Detroit iron and video games. Nowadays Marc lives with his wife and kids in the hinterlands of Texas. He joins Sven in the Cologne office whenever possible.